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China Energy Lithium is taking the application development of elemental lithium metal in secondary lithium battery as its duty. Driven by the philosophy of open, cooperation, win-win and innovation, CEL would like to sign confidential agreement or strategic cooperation agreement with all enterprises, universities, research institutes who are interested in lithium mental battery (such as lithium-sulfur battery, lithium air battery, all solid lithium battery, LMP battery, etc) to jointly carry out the research and industrialization of high-tech lithium battery in next generation , and make certain contribution for the progress of human green energy.
Research Direction:
一.Novel lithium battery research: We could develop new product according to customer’s requirements.
二.Protection technology research in lithium foil surface: We have done extensive research, including plating LiPON, coating polymer materials, plating various protective film, etc. We have achieved gratifying results and these help to largely increase the cycle life of lithium battery.
三.We have cooperate with world top lithium enterprises, gradually promote the application of elemental lithium metal into the existing lithium-ion battery system, and this has achieved good results.
Resources that CEL could provide:
1.CEL and its R&D team has the ability to provide various kinds of lithium products according to customer requirements.
2. Excellent hardware resources:We have all the facilities for making lithium batteries, including 140m2  dehumidification room with dew-point of -50°C and air flow of 10,000; large roller press, packaging machine, all kinds of oven, argon glove box, and so on.
3.Professional project team to meet customer’s requirements: We could form professional team and help clients to achieve technological breakthroughs and industrialization.